Doing some maintenance around here to get the marmot configured for 2023. Dropped a post in the to share some pics from the fireworks last night at St. Augustine Beach. I have thus far managed to stay off Twitter, and it has opened up more time to work in Photos and so on.

Mitzi and I had dinner at a friend's house last night. She lives in St Augustine Beach, almost on the beach, only a short walk to the dune. We watched the fireworks from the dune walkover. I brought along the Olympus E-PL10, a PEN Light model, which was sort of a more consumer-level micro four-thirds body. Up until the E-PL9, the Light models had the full features of the more "professional" bodies in terms of the image processor and menu system.

The E-PL9 and E-M10 Mk3 and subsequent models had a more "accessible" menu system, with fewer options and available customizations. But in this case, I wanted the E-PL10 because I wanted something small and light to carry, and I was going to shoot with Live Composite mode, and I often have to fiddle around finding it on the E-PL7 or E-PL8. Plus, mine is a "Kuro" (黒) which looks very smart with the black 17mm/f1.8 prime. So, style points for closing out the old year.

I also brought along an old Gorillapod, one of the heavier models. I thought we'd be sitting on the beach, but I wanted options. As it turned out, we could watch from the dune walkover, so I clamped the Gorillapod on the rail. It vibrated a lot as people walked on the boards, but it appears that the relatively wide angle and the image stabilization handled it pretty well.

Thick fog this morning. I took the Oly XZ-1 along because I always hope to see some spiderwebs. They've been missing of late, though this morning I was happy to spot one at the back gate. Here's a little album at Flick from this morning's walk.

Anyway, first post of the new year at the marmot. Hopefully, many more to come.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 10:15 Sunday, 1 January 2023