OM Digital Solutions released a firmware update to the flagship OM-1. One of the reasons I know about what DP Review's micro four-thirds forum is like is because I still visit there. I don't interact much, but it is where I learn about things like firmware updates.

People sometimes have firmware updates go awry, "bricking" their camera. They then get on the forum and bitch about it, which I suppose is understandable. Of course, it then causes some anxiety before you do your own.

I performed the update yesterday with no problems. Supposedly improves the performance of continuous autofocus in still shooting. I don't shoot a lot of "action" so I may not notice an improvement, but it's good to keep the camera up to date.

It's the second firmware update I've performed on the OM-1, with no problems at all. Read the instructions carefully, follow them. Should be fine. My experience anyway.