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🌎 5 Little Habits to Get What You Want in Life.

Author: John P. Weiss

Date Retrieved: 12/18/22, 07:33

Excerpt: People will spend your time for you if you let them by John P. Weiss

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Agree with all of this except disparaging the use of the acceleration couch in habit 3. Point is well taken; but unless your goal is to become an ascetic, don't deprive yourself of modest luxuries.

In habit 1, I would also caution against rejecting something out of hand because it appears "too complicated."

It's perhaps the converse of pursuing ever newer technology to achieve some result that is forever lost in the effort of chasing new technology.

A new camera won't make you a better photographer. Mastering a new camera will help you achieve your photographic goals, and may help you expand them.

It's simple to go online in some venture capitalist's social media silo, where your attention is aggregated and sold to the highest bidder. It's a little bit complicated to learn how to register a domain name, rent some server space and create some static html.

But, overall, Mr. Weiss is spot-on.

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