Egret landing in the Tolomato River, wings spread wide, feet just above the water, facing away from the camera.

Since I was up early, I did do a bit of sitting. I'd installed an iOS app called Oak on my phone some time ago, when I was thinking about (or struggling with) getting back into a practice.

Be here now. Begin where you are, and so on.

Did the opening ten minute guided meditation. Went well, I sat a few minutes longer.

Prepped the drone for flight, just in case there was a red sky.

Took care of my inbox, went through my RSS feed. Checked the sky, didn't look promising. It may have been 48°F wherever my weather data comes from, but it was 42°F here. Popped the drone up anyway and took a look around, nothing remarkable. Red horizon, not much of a gradient.

Came back to the computer and took a look at Twitter and saw the FAA issue. Started scrolling that, but decided that was not what I needed to be doing.

Put on some warmer clothes and strapped on the OM-1 with the 100-400mm zoom, hopped into the golf cart and went down to the kayak launch point to walk around a bit.

Put a few pics up on Flickr.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 11:59 Wednesday, 11 January 2023