Live composite exposure of the light trail from the Falcon Heavy launch as viewed from Ponte Vedra. Arc ascending from right to left. Two short , parallel light trails mark the reentry burns of the two side boosters landing at KSC.

It was still twilight when Falcon Heavy USSF-67 Mission lifted off. This was from an Olympus E-PL8 in Live Composite mode. I put a circular polarizing filter on the 25mm/f1.8 prime lens, which cut down on the sky glow.

Quick edit in Photos and Topaz Sharpen AI. I'm not sure where the weird colors came from, but editing made them worse. A little more effort might have ameliorated it, but I'm an instant gratification sort of guy. Alas.

You can see the two booster descent burns, which is pretty cool I think.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 18:28 Sunday, 15 January 2023