Light trails from the 15 January 2023 Falcon Heavy launched viewed from Ponte Vedra. One light trail arcs from right to left, rising above some trees in a suburban neighborhood setting. Two smaller parallel light trails are above the arc showing the reentry burns of the two side boosters.

I set up two cameras last night. Had a 25mm/f1.8 lens on the 16MP E-PL8 and a 12mm/f2.0 on the 20MP E-M1 Mk3.

I didn't use a CPL on the 12mm because you get weird gradients in the sky with a CPL on a wide-angle lens. So I stopped it down to f22 to get the exposure right for Live Composite. Normally, the cool kids would be screaming "Diffraction!", but this ain't art.

12mm (24mm effective focal length) is really too wide for this shot. I'd have been better off with the 17mm.

On thing I learned is I seem to have one dust spot on the sensor, which is disappointing since it was just cleaned. I'll take a stab at shaking that off, blowing or brushing it if that fails. Not a huge deal in this shot, I just cropped it out.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:11 Monday, 16 January 2023