On Sunday I posted an image I took from my driveway of a rocket leaving earth and two parts of it returning for a powered landing. Last night I posted an image of the light trail caused by the International Space Station as it passes overhead. In that image there are also a couple of satellites and a bunch of passenger-carrying planes flying overhead.

Yesterday morning, I heard a low plane buzzing overhead. I pulled a small computer from my pocket and touched an icon that said Track Aircraft. It showed me what the plane was and where it came from, how high it was (1700 feet) and how fast it was going (200mph).

I have a little handheld radio next to my recliner. When there's a thunderstorm underway, I can turn it on and listen to pilots talking to regional air traffic control about changing altitudes. I can't hear ATC, they're beyond line of sight. Sometimes I can hear the St Augustine tower.

Every day, thousands of people fly overhead, oblivious to me below and, most of the time, me to them above.

Every now and then, you just have to pause and at least acknowledge what's going on around you.

Pretty remarkable.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:32 Tuesday, 17 January 2023