Since I've cut back on my Twitter usage, I've subscribed to a lot of RSS feeds.

I have two feeds devoted to Twitter. One is my "Locals" list (which includes a few non-locals), which is where I spent most of my time on Twitter. The other is my "mentions."

I also subscribe to a number of National Weather Service feeds, and some of those post very frequently with conditions updates.

There are a number of local news sites that offer RSS, and I subscribe to those as well.

Finally, there are a lot of blogs I've discovered and subscribed to.

The "unread" feed can get very large, very fast. On the Mac, it's easy to just down-arrow through the timeline, skipping over weather updates or Tweets are kind of meaningless absent some of the context which doesn't always come over in RSS. But it can feel like a slog.

So yesterday I spent some time dividing things up into folders on NetNewsWire. That makes it easy to dip into the NWS feed and just "mark all as read," if there isn't a weather situation developing.

Similarly, I can quickly scan mentions on Twitter to see if there's something I should reply to.

It's easy and pleasant on the iPhone to swipe through blog updates, starring the ones I might want to return to.

I need to look into RSS for Mastodon, and YouTube so I can add those. Then NetNewsWire would be the central place where I would go for new content from things I have a persistent interest in following.

Folders make it easy to kind of prioritize subjects and manage attention.

I don't know, I think this RSS thing might catch on.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:51 Wednesday, 25 January 2023