It's so commonly known, it's nearly a universal trope in narratives about bullies and bad bosses.

I can understand someone having a fragile ego, an insecurity, combined with generous doses of luck, that drives them to some level of achievement, some position of power or control. Likewise, I understand their need for constant praise and validation and hostility to criticism.

What is somewhat more puzzling to me is the nature or character of the people who are attracted to this type. The toadies and sycophants, the enablers and lickspittles who compete for proximity to someone in power, someone in control.

Some, I'm sure, do it for their own selfish ambitions, seeking favor or advantage over others. But some are just attracted to it, who seem to derive their own sense of self-worth from receiving the attention of someone they view as powerful. They have no desire for power or control of their own, they just want to bask in the glow of their chosen hero. They derive their sense of self-worth from somehow being of service to a "great man" (or woman).

There is never any shortage of these needy people, and so bullies and bosses find a ready source of adulation, validation and approval.

And it's never a surprise what happens to those who speak the truth.

Originally posted at Notes From the Underground 07:57 Saturday, 11 February 2023