A crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter in near vertical alignment ascending above the horizon in a suburban Florida street scene.

Stepped outside yesterday evening to go collect the mail and was greeted by this. Having some appreciation for how quickly the scene changes, I stepped right back inside and grabbed the new E-P7, which had the Lumix 12-32mm/f3.5-5.6 mounted. Not the brightest lens in the box, but it was mounted.

Walked around and struggled to frame it a bit with the street lights. Finally found a spot where I could use a tree to block it. I could have also zoomed in a bit more, as this is a crop of a 17mm (35mm effective focal length) shot. Of course, zooming in means a smaller aperture too.

The E-P7 seems to share the same 5-axis image stabilization as the E-M10 Mk.4. The E-PL series (7 and later) have an improved 3-axis stabilizer, which is good for about 3 stops. Shutter speed on this image, at f4.5 and ISO 3200 is .3s, is about three and a third stops slower than what might be conventionally considered wise for a 35mm focal length. Right about at the edge of what my E-PL10 might have achieved, but easily handled in this case.

Cropped it a bit, did some noise reduction, and I'm pleased with it. Took about 30 frames, imported 2 to Photos.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 13:31 Wednesday, 22 February 2023