It never fails. I see a news item, a blog post or get an email that kind of sparks a question. Next thing I know, a couple of hours have gone by and I've got nothing accomplished I'd intended to accomplish.

This morning's distraction was rising water tables and salt water intrusion due to sea level rise. Bigger problem in south Florida than here, from what I was able to learn. But I noticed the time and headed out for my walk before I was able to find reports from the surveillance wells in the St Johns River Water Management District, and what the historical trends suggest.

We live adjacent to (actually kind of "in" but for fill) a swamp. Groundwater rise may be a relevant issue in the fairly near term, at least with regard to the health and longevity of the pine trees in the preserve behind the house. They can drown if the roots can't get enough oxygen. Not solely because of sea level rise. This was all silva culture around here. Pines cultivated for wood or pulp. Now they're mowed down to put in developments. A lot of that groundwater used to be held in the trees, but not anymore. So it's higher just because of development. Sea level rise will just make it worse. Suspect it'll all transition to cypress and mangrove at some point, perhaps in my lifetime, but I'm not certain.

Anyway, the GE Superadios are here. Going to do an AM and FM band scan this morning or afternoon as assess their performance. One issue I noticed on the SR II is that the dial marker is off by nearly 2MHz on FM, which is significant. I'll have to email Chuck and see about a re-alignment. There isn't much at the top end of the dial here, but it shouldn't be that far off.

Also received a 1990's Panasonic RF-B45 SW radio. Verified last night it'll receive single sideband, at least on 80 meters. Copied Tennessee, Louisiana, P-cola and a few others I didn't get the location. That's on the whip. Seems in immaculate physical condition. Seller was in Arizona and the radio still has stickers from the audio retailer that sold it originally, so I suspect it's always been in a dry environment. Nice faux-leather vinyl case too.

Anyway, laundry to fold, sub to order, stuff to do before I can play radios.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 09:46 Thursday, 30 March 2023