I was going to post a pic of the radios sitting on the table outside, but I can't. Or rather, it's harder than I care to try right now.

I'd made this little automation that automatically created a note in Tinderbox, with all the html in it to post a pic, and now that fails with a cryptic AppleScript error 1700. Something's changed in either Ventura or Tinderbox, and now I've got to chase down what that is.

When you're young, new things are kind of exciting. When you're old, and you realize that time is a finite resource, you'd like to choose the new things you wish to explore. It's not as much fun when they just appear uninvited.

I've been doing fairly well printing a photo card for Mom every day. I've missed a few, but not many. One of the reasons I missed a couple was because a Pages document I'd been using to print cards on my Canon 100 photo printer, suddenly couldn't print. The printer kept complaining that the media and the size were wrong.

I'd changed nothing.

I deleted the printer, re-installed it, twice. Created an account at Canon's support site, asked a question at the forum and received no response. Decided to just create a new document, delete the old custom paper size. Re-create all that and finally got it working again. That was a couple of days lost.

Do I know how I did it? I do not.

Because I created another card, this one for "portrait" orientation cards, same size paper, and got the same error! It's only "portrait" for the purposes of the orientation of the image in the document. They're both "portrait" as far as the printer is concerned. Again, futzed around with this and that and eventually it printed. Do I know why? No. Have I learned anything? No. Will it happen again? Almost certainly.

Such is life in the 21st Century.

As a card aside, I visited my grandson last weekend and we took a selfie together. I printed a card with it and wrote him a little note in it and sent it to him. First time he'd ever gotten anything in the mail. I'm told he was over the moon about it. He'll be 3 in a couple of months.

Last night, I watched Joni Mitchell receive the George and Ira Gershwin Award from the Library of Congress. Great show, you should see it if it's streaming on the PBS app. Could have done without the gratuitous appearance of the politicians and Justice Roberts, but the rest of it was great.

Afterward, I bought a bunch of Joni CDs, because I don't think I have any physical media and my faith in the cloud diminishes by the day. I figure that someday when the net goes down, I can still listen to Joni on CD.

I have some number of CDs that I'd purchased back in the day, post-separation and divorce. I'd been meaning to take them to Goodwill or something. Mitzi wanted to keep them. I'm glad she did. And when we go hear a local artist perform, I'll usually buy some CDs. I've got an old Panasonic portable CD player that I kept because, at that time, it was also the only AM/FM radio I thought I had in the condo. (It turns out, I also have an old walkman-style Panasonic cassette player with a built-in AM/FM radio.) Kept it for the hurricanes.

Anyway, I've plugged it into the aux port on the Tivoli Model One I got from eBay and I'm listening to those local artist CDs lately. Pretty cool. Who needs "stereo"?

I look at Apple Music, and I'm not even sure I understand what I'm looking at anymore. I just tell Siri to play something and she gets it right most of the time. Not always, and when she doesn't, I've learned it's pointless to keep trying. I just don't listen to what I'd wanted to listen to.

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