I know it's been out for over a year, but Mitzi and I finally watched Lincoln's Dilemma on Apple TV+. It was outstanding. Every bit as good as anything Ken Burns has done. Learned a great deal. Had known much of the broad strokes, but this really filled in the picture. I know I'm probably going to watch it again. Need to buy Reynolds' book too.

I'll also add that I'm fairly confident this documentary series would be banned in Florida schools.

American Experience is offering The Sun Queen now, and it's also fascinating, if also disappointingly familiar. I genuinely hope it's not too late to transition to an all-renewable energy infrastructure. We might be living in a vastly different reality today but for the discovery of middle east oil.

It's a one-hour episode, so it's easy to make time for it, and well worth the effort.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:19 Thursday, 6 April 2023