On a recommendation from Mark Bernstein, I watched the very recent documentary Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb, (edited by Molly Bernstein). Highly recommended. I knew a bit about Caro, nothing about Gottlieb and didn't know they've worked together for nearly half a century. Either man is a fascinating subject in his own right, together it's something amazing.

We finished watching Citadel on Prime by the Russo brothers. Meh. It's clear they're trying to build a franchise. Overwrought. Never really cared about any of the characters. Still don't remember what actually happened to Stanley Tucci's character. High production values, good actors, bizarre plotting. And I never liked the slow-rolling inverted camera beginning to every episode. Pass.

The Last Thing He Told Me, also meh. Maybe worth a watch now that all episodes are streaming because you can just blaze right through them, but definitely wasn't worth waiting week to week. Again, high production values, good stars, but the story went flat.

Ghosted. Formulaic, albeit with switched gender roles. Meh.

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre. Fairly entertaining. Seems like the plot device about billionaire bad guys crushing on actors was in the air or something. I don't regret renting it.

Hitchcock (2012), somehow I'd never heard of this I think. Maybe I did? I don't know, kind of back in my Action Dave, Cool Guy Bachelor days. Anyway, excellent. Anthony Hopkins? Helen Mirren? Yes, please!

Plane. Meh. Felt vaguely racist? White guy saves passengers from evil brown people? Haven't we seen this movie before?

Silo continues to impress. If you're a fan of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, you'll recognize Robert Heinlein's Universe and If This Goes On, kind of planted in the ground. Characters I can care about, and I really enjoy watching Rebecca Ferguson work. Tim Robbins also turning in a good performance.

I've watched both seasons of Slow Horses twice now. I loved it and I'm looking forward to a third. Season. I'm looking forward to a third season. But I'll probably watch the whole thing again anyway.

If you've still got Max and haven't watched the Perry Mason series yet, do so before you leave the platform. Very good.

Well, I guess that's about it. Definitely see Turn Every Page, so worth it.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:33 Sunday, 28 May 2023