I'm reading Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention--and How to Think Deeply Again (The Kindle Edition). I'm loving it. I can't say I love the author's style of writing, but I'm enjoying the content of what he's written.

I was up early this morning, and the iMac wanted to perform a MacOS update, and that always takes a while, so I started that and decided to return to reading the book.

While I'm reading about all the sources of distractions in our lives, my watch taps me on the wrist and congratulates me on my standing yesterday and encourages me to keep going. A few minutes later, it taps me on the wrist and tells me that the RAV4 has finished charging (It finished yesterday, I think Mitzi unplugging it prompted the unnecessary update.) A few minutes later, it tapped me on the wrist again and suggested I should meditate now. A few minutes after that it tapped me on the wrist and reminded me that Work focus was now turned on.

I was using the Apple Pencil to highlight certain sentences and phrases. Occasionally, I'd let go of the pencil by letting it magnetically attach to the side of the iPad mini. Each time, a little alert bubble would pop up with some update about the state of the pencil's charge.

Clearly, I have some work to do with my notification settings!

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:16 Wednesday, 31 May 2023