An update on some things I've been watching.

The Silo continues to be interesting/entertaining. Another onion layer revealed last week.

It seems espionage series are enjoying renewed attention. I watched The Recruit, and Treason. I enjoyed Treason more. Less of the "good old ultra-violence," and more genuine tension. Treason earned mixed reviews, but I think it's better than many of the critics thought. Some complaints about the leading man casting, but it was fine by me. I liked that it was only five episodes.

The Recruit has been renewed for another "season." It's much better than Citadel, and I really liked Max; but it's another one of those series like Jack Ryan that just goes over the top on the "action." It's better than Jack Ryan, by the way. At least, I think it is.

Speaking of which, "the final season" of Jack Ryan drops at the end of the month. Trailers look meh.

I am looking forward to season 3 of Slow Horses.

I've watched the first two episodes of the three(?)-part Arnold Schwarzengger biography. Cautiously suggest it's better than I expected. Sly Stallone looks awful, btw. Part 3 includes his political career, which I'm less interested it, but I'll watch it for completeness.

Last night I rented Blackberry, which was dubbed a "comedy." I don't know where they got that from. Pretty good business drama. Not much funny about it.

I cancelled my Max subscription. I think what I'll do if things like House of the Dragon return is wait until the whole series has been streamed, then subscribe for a month and binge it along with any other special attractions, then stop the subscription. I have no interest in paying for whatever Discovery is shoveling out. I expect if that catches on, they'll make it an annual-plan, in which case, no.

Haven't finished reading Stolen Focus. Got distracted.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:08 Monday, 12 June 2023