I listened to outgoing Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry's "exit interview" on First Coast Connect, the local public radio station. Probably not worth a blog post, but a few impressions:

Lenny hasn't changed. I think he mentioned no less than three times, "I've never lost an election."

This is a man who is incapable of viewing politics and governance in any way other than as a zero-sum game. And an ego-centric one at that. It's all about Lenny.

He was not forthcoming about JEA, though I didn't really expect him to be. He complained, rather bitterly to my ears, about "lies" that were told about him or people who worked for the city or with him, but offered no specifics.

From my point of view, many people had opinions about what Lenny, Timmy, and Bri-bri were up to with their henchman Aaron Zahn; and in the absence of transparency, offered their interpretations of what they were observing. Many of those interpretations were unflattering to "the boys," and perhaps some of them were mistaken.

But, from my point of view, nobody was "lying" about what Lenny and his crew were up to.

Perhaps he's projecting.

He largely laughed off his history with social media. Because of course.

He did say he needed to take some time off. That he had no immediate political ambitions. He lacked "the fire in the belly." I think he said something about working on himself and his relationship with his family. That's about the only encouraging thing I heard.

I expect we haven't heard the last of Lenny, Timmy and Bri-bri. I know Timmy will still be around, in the "private sector," stirring shit up. I'm sure Bri-bri (City administrator Brian Hughes for those just tuning in. Official member of "the boys," the "misfit mafia.") will either be a "consultant" or a "lobbyist" in the "private sector." I'd be surprised if he didn't have his next gig already lined up.

But for a little while anyway, Jacksonville will be far better off with them at least temporarily sidelined.

Originally posted at Notes From the Underground 06:16 Friday, 23 June 2023