I came to believe, some time ago, that we inhabit what I call a "responsive universe." That as our thoughts and wishes go, somehow too goes our reality. If we pay attention.

I haven't been paying a lot of attention in recent years.

When I spoke to my friend yesterday, one of the things she mentioned was how little she knew about her brother, how much he was loved and valued by the people he served. Since his death, they've been reaching out to her, telling her stories of the kind of man he was.

She seemed sad that she didn't know, but it's clear he led a meaningful, valuable life. And even learning it now, I suggested, ought to be of some comfort.

In the way of a responsive universe, I happened upon this today in my RSS feed. I've mentioned John P. Weiss before, and I subscribe because he writes about the things I think about and I find his thoughts worthwhile. I've shared this with her.

If it's an accident or a coincidence that this should appear today, it's a happy one.

But as a wise tortoise once told a red panda, "There are no accidents."

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 13:58 Sunday, 2 July 2023