I post a lot of my pics to Flickr, and I did so with the ISS shot from last night. I export the images to a folder on the desktop that Flickr Uploader watches, and automatically uploads them to, well, Flickr. Hazel also watches that folder and deletes the images 24 hours later. There is no setting to automatically delete images in the uploader app.

Since I posted the ISS shot here in the marmot, I used an AppleScript that first gives the image a title and then a caption. I use the Title for the note name in Tinderbox, which becomes the title of the post in the marmot. The caption becomes the alt-text that hopefully provides some useful information for the visually impaired.

You can enter a name and a caption in Photos in the Info window, but the fields are tiny and it's fiddly to hit them. With the script, I get a little text input bar with the cursor already there ready for input. It's far easier than mousing around to the Info window and trying to nail that little target. There's probably some way to do it with keyboard navigation, but I haven't looked for it. I just haven't given many of my images titles or captions.

Flickr uploader can grab the title and caption and use them in Flickr, as can be seen here.

I think I need to make another little script just for adding titles and captions for images that might make it to Flickr, but wouldn't necessarily be a post in the marmot.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 08:52 Wednesday, 12 July 2023