Light trail of the International Space Station over Nocatee amid star trails and a trees in the bottom right half of the frame.

Got a notification yesterday of another pass this morning at around 0500. They often come in threes. I wasn't sleeping anyway, so I got up and set up the camera on the tripod.

ISS appeared in the northwest and disappeared east-southeast (from left to right in the frame) and max elevation was 51 degrees. Bright spot in the trees is the crescent moon rising. If you're having trouble seeing it, it's in the bottom half of the frame, and most of it is somewhat obscured by trees.

What's interesting to me about this shot is that the light from the stars appears to be dimming. What's actually happening is the sky is growing brighter as morning twilight approaches, and the exposure for each of the shots is fixed, so the contrast between the dark sky of the initial exposure and the bright stars in each subsequent exposure is less, so they appear to be dimming. Sky is actually growing brighter, but the sky exposure is relatively static as the background against which "new" light is added.

Surprising thing to me is the absence of aircraft trails. Must not be much traffic this time of day.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:23 Thursday, 13 July 2023