Just got back from the walk where I thought of several things to blog about, but now can't seem to recall. So maybe I'll write about the things I do recall, which is mostly the last thing I was thinking about.

It's hot and muggy and there are biting flies here in Florida. I walk because it's just about the only exercise I get. (I have started riding the bike again, though.) I carry the camera because I'll often see a bird or a gator or something that catches my eye. Most of the time I'm thinking about something. I'll say hi to a neighbor, like I did this morning. I sent him a link to my Flickr photostream yesterday and he wanted to thank me and say how much he enjoyed the photos.

But when I think about my experience, chiefly my experience of my sweaty body, often with a new itch or sting, it's in the context of wanting to get this walk over. Because it's not pleasant. I walk early while the sun is low, because once it's on you, it's intense. That's not to say I think about the experience all the time, because I'm usually thinking about something else. (Which has just reminded me of one of the things I thought I'd write about. Cool.)

During the last minutes of this morning's walk, I thought about the fact that one day I won't be able to do this. I think it was prompted by some memory of running, and how that seems behind me now. (Maybe not. We'll see.) It occurred to me that one day, I may be looking back at days like today, and missing the time when I could get out and walk, even at my pathetic 19:08 min pace. So I concentrated on how the good parts felt. My legs moving with some intention, some strength, the air in my lungs, my arms moving, my back not hurting. (Carrying a lighter camera rig on a sling with the camera resting on the small of my back has made an enormous difference.)

So I made an effort to appreciate how that felt, and ignored the stinging sweat running into my eyes.

Which is not what I'd intended to blog about. Never entered my mind.

Until it did.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:57 Saturday, 15 July 2023