Our efforts to address the climate emergency are taking place as our democratic institutions that are the means by which we marshal the resources to do so are under attack.

They are being attacked by anti-democratic tendencies that have always existed in some parts of our society. They are a minority, but they are energetic, determined, and they are enjoying some success of late.

If we are to address the climate emergency in a way consistent with the values of justice, equity and compassion, we must defend and strengthen our democracy and the institutions that serve it.

So I was pleased to read A. G. Gancarski's editorial in Jax Today.

Unblinking, unsparing and unsentimental, but true. And in a time when anti-democratic forces rely on deceit, disinformation and division, the truth is a powerful weapon to bring people together and rally their efforts to fight back.

The pendulum swings both ways.

Originally posted at Notes From the Underground 06:11 Monday, 24 July 2023