Nothing philosophical, just an update on my 2019 27" iMac, now with 128GB of RAM. Right now I'm sitting at about 78GB in use. It was over 80GB when I was doing some work in Topaz SharpenAI. So I think the investment will prove worthwhile over the long run.

I have a very modest 16 tabs open in Safari.

We're going to take another stab at Mission: Impossible this afternoon. If we fail, this theater will be disavowed.

Finished watching the Arnold bio-series on Netflix. Thumbs up. I think Arnold is a better man than I gave him credit for before. Did he need to do his own biographical mini-series? (I guess he just offered his full cooperation.) Well, yeah. He probably did. But still, it's pretty good, and everyone is "complicated." I don't know when Arnold became "self-aware," but he is and he's all the better for it.

Enjoying Hijack on Apple TV+.

Also enjoying Three Pines on Prime. I wondered about how much involvement there was of Indigenous people in the series. This kind of alleviated my concerns. I welcomed and enjoyed it, as well as the similar, though smaller role in Deadloch. It's refreshing, especially in Florida where our state government is laser-focused on erasing history and people.

Enjoyed learning a great deal about Bookends on Saturday during the Tinderbox meet-up. The application is far more versatile than merely as a reference manager. You could use it as a stand-alone "tool for thought" today, and upcoming linking and pdf features only expand that. There's a video here. Bookends and Tinderbox are two of the remarkable indie apps on the Summerfest artisanal software sale. (I own nearly every app on sale there.)

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 12:18 Monday, 24 July 2023