I'm not of fan of Cory Doctorow's work. I've never met the guy, maybe he's a warm and wonderful human being. But whenever I've actually made an effort to read his work, as I did today, he comes off as deliberately, proudly and oh-so-self-satisfiedly abrasive. It's like someone deliberately put sand in what might otherwise be a nice sandwich they made for you. It's not just that he's angry, I can read angry writing and relate to it. It's the posing, that accompanies it. It's exhausting.

Some people seem to enjoy that sort of thing. I suppose my "I'm too old" post is abrasive, but I'd like to believe it's not my default setting. And I'm too old to put up with that schtick.

Whatever. I don't like Cory Doctorow's writing. I don't read Cory Doctorow's writing. Everybody's happy.

Anyway, with all that by way of preamble and warning, I did read this post, painful and unenjoyable though it was; and I think it's worth pointing to because it captures something important, albeit wrapped in that patented Doctorow contempt that saturates the whole damn thing.

It came to my attention by way of Ian Betteridge.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:14 Monday, 31 July 2023