While I was busy basking in the warmth of well-deserved accolades, it occurred to me that my little program for creating new monthly archive containers might bump into a problem in January 2024.

While I do have the Archive note, which will create a 2024 container, nothing tells the 2023 container to stop making new containers in December 2023.

So I looked for some conditional wrapper statement that would cause the edict to do nothing after December 2023. I came up with something I thought might work; but rather than wait five months to find out, I posted it in the Tinderbox Forum to get some feedback from the community.

As always, I got some useful feedback immediately. While (heh) there's nothing to suggest my solution wouldn't work, apart from improperly using a capital "F" in the ".format" operator (They're case sensitive. It would fail. It's correct in the previous post.), I got another approach that is a little shorter and accomplishes the same result.

So on January 1st, 2024, the 2023 container will notice that the year is no longer 2023, and it won't create a "January 2024" note in the 2023 container, something it would happily do without the conditional test.

The Archive container that creates the year containers is under no such constraint. It can keep creating a new year container as long as the file is open, no conditional tests necessary, other than perhaps "If Rogers==Deceased" or something along those lines.

Just shows you kind of have to think through these little programs.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 13:18 Wednesday, 2 August 2023