Osprey in flight against a blue sky, bird looking to the right of its flight path with sunlight illuminating the left eye.

Overslept because Oppenheimer kind of disturbed my sleep. Rather than walk in the Florida sauna, Mitzi and I got on our bikes and rode to a retention pond called Settler's Pond, which has a walking path around it and some nice amenities.

At first I was disappointed, I didn't see many birds and I'd brought along the Olympus E-M1X with the 100-400mm zoom mounted. But it didn't take long before I started to see some. Put a bunch up on Flickr. (I think this link will take you to the "last" in the series, and then scrolling right will take you through the whole set.)

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 11:55 Thursday, 3 August 2023