Got our flood insurance renewal notice yesterday. $800 for this year, 16% increase from last year. Still, it's a relatively cheap form of risk mitigation. The downside is that the max policy coverage is $250K for the building and $100K for contents. I'm not certain that would be entirely enough, though it's also not clear to me what the process would be to leave this home after a total loss. Probably something I should learn about.

In any event, if we have enough storm surge to get to the house, my guess is we may have wind damage as well, so our regular policy should help out.

In any event, the most frustrating part of the process was that the renewal page wouldn't render correctly in Safari, and I ended up having to launch Firefox to do the renewal.

I fully expect there will be a similar increase next year.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 12:13 Tuesday, 8 August 2023