It was something of "lazy" day yesterday, if that word has much meaning for a retired guy. We'd tune into the news every now and then. I watched the pressure on the barometer and noted when it started to rise again.

And I spent a lot of time playing, and enjoying, Untitled Word Game Pro at the Internet Archive. I played it in the browser, and you can too, rather than in Virtual II. (Turn off the sound in the emulator if you leave the browser. It'll make some noise when it's not getting attention.)

Over the weekend, I'd started dusting off my copy of Virtual II. I discovered that many of the "saved states" I'd made were broken because I'd rearranged the file structure. I'd had a //e configured for UCSD Pascal v1.3 with a 1MB RamWorks card. Makes for a lot less disk swapping and fast compiling. A configuration I called "ABIDE" for "Apple-Beagle Integrated Development Environment" with a bunch of Beagle Bros utilities. Program Writer and Beagle Compiler being the two main ones, with Michael Mahon's USR square root routine.Putting all that stuff back in order now, and doing some general housekeeping.

It was a bit of self-care after the chilling act of hate that played out not so far from here on Saturday. I really don't know what to say except all the claims by local officials that, "This is not who we are," ring pretty hollow. Hate has made a home in Florida, and Republicans have made it a permissive environment for it to thrive here.

Hate has always been in Florida. It never left. But for much of that time, it hid in the shadows. Afraid of the condemnation and criticism of the larger society. Today it feels emboldened and empowered by a state government and a gerrymandered voting majority that has made it clear that some people are unwanted and unwelcome in their Florida. The bigots and bullies feel valued and validated; and though they still hide their faces behind masks, they're unafraid to spew their messages of hate and even to kill and to terrorize.

It's a pretty awful state of affairs, and Florida should be ashamed.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:36 Thursday, 31 August 2023