Telephoto closeup of waning gibbous moon against a black sky

This morning's moon. Had a glitch yesterday, posting the handhelds. Everything seemed fine at Marmot Industries, but the cross-posting to seemed to go awry, with the image not posting. It picks everything up from the RSS feed, and that looked ok in NetNewsWire. So this is kind of a test post.

This is another handheld high-res shot with the E-M1X. The moon is almost directly overhead, which is the most challenging way to hold the camera and lens. I took three images, and even with Olympus' highly regarded image stabilization, you still have the hold the camera pretty still so that enough images of the subject are within the capture window to result in a satisfactory stitch. I normally get better with subsequent images when I'm pointing the camera nearly horizontally. In this case, I get worse. All three images stitched successfully, but the third one had more visible artifacts and softening.

Anyway, the clouds cooperated, I wasn't sleeping anyway, so here's the moon.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:09 Sunday, 3 September 2023