Mitzi and I are watching season 5 of Unforgotten. It's good, though I relate to Sunny and his grief over Cassie. Tough role for Sinéad Keenan to step into, because they don't make it easy to like her right from the beginning. Which is perhaps the best way to do it, if the series will continue.

Interesting listening to what Lang wants to talk about in the series. This one is the most overtly "political." I especially enjoyed the little soliloquy on being powerless in episode 4. People on the margins live the most uncertain lives. As uncertainty appears to be something we will all be looking forward to a great deal more of, perhaps people on the margins will be the best equipped to navigate the future.

It's streaming on PBS Passport.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 10:31 Tuesday, 5 September 2023