A year ago we flew to Boston for the wedding of my late friend's daughter. Today we're flying to Boston for the wedding of his other daughter. This one is taking place on Martha's Vineyard, so it's a bit of a trek. After we land in Boston, we take a bus to Wood's Hole, then a ferry to the island.

I checked the post from a year ago, and the flying part was apparently quite pleasant. Which may explain why I haven't been dreading this one quite as much. Normally, I look forward to flying about as much as one looks forward to, say, a root canal. That's not to say this experience will be the same, it's just that I haven't felt the same degree of anxiety and resentment.

To be clear, I still hate flying. The fact that it's about the most carbon-intensive thing I do is only the icing on an already awful cake of corporate and security state apparatus dehumanization and exploitation. I actually enjoy being in the air, it's dealing with the traffic, the terminal, TSA and being crammed into a tube with "other people" (in the Sartre sense) that really suck. I will try to work on my compassion and loving-kindness, but I'm not very good at it.

We'll be masking for this one, the travel portion at least. The wedding itself is outside, but there will be get-togethers indoors and I'm quite conflicted on those. The fact that there's a new booster being released "real soon now," only makes that more acute.

Anyway, such is life in late-stage capitalism.

Back Sunday night, if all goes well. The marmot will be quiet until Monday at the earliest.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:57 Thursday, 7 September 2023