My 2019 27" iMac will update to Sonoma on the 26th. I'd have installed one of the betas, but I kind of rely on Michael Tsai's SpamSieve to help manage my inbox. I turned off the iMac when we went to Martha's Vineyard and I was dismayed by the amount of crap that filled my in-box on my iPhone.

So, I guess I'll have to buy a new desktop Mac at some point if I want to keep up with the OS updates. Security considerations seem to argue strongly for that. I'll get a couple of years of security updates after next year, so maybe 2026? '27?

Maybe the scope of the calamity we're facing will be clear to everyone by then. I watched the Apple Event like I watch a lot of things these days, realizing that it's approaching the time when they'll seem absurd. For me, they're already there. This overt display of "normalcy" (cameo appearance of "Mother Nature" notwithstanding), while fully aware that there's maybe a decade or two before cascading climate catastrophes begin disrupting supply chains to the point where new product introductions are going to be impossible. They'll likely go on, but they'll be more aspirational than anything else.

"Keep calm and carry on," and all that.

There's a fire aboard Spaceship Earth.

It's reached the life support system.

The bridge is still worried about upsetting the first class passengers.

Life goes on.

Until it doesn't.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:35 Thursday, 14 September 2023