Mostly, "Whatever we want."

Subject to funds available, of course.

I've been spending some time in the garage doing something of the equivalent of "rearranging my sock drawer." I have a large Husky tool chest/workbench, and it's in the center of an entropy vortex. Every time I go out there, it's more disorganized and finding things takes longer and longer.

So yesterday and today I've been doing some localized entropy reduction. Another thing retired guys do is watch YouTube videos, and now I know how to change the sounds my Makita battery chargers make. I put the dual charger on the larger shelf I added to accommodate Mitzi's Skil string trimmer charger, and now they each play a different little tune instead of just beeping.

Achievement unlocked!

I'm only about a third of the way through, but I've been through most of the drawers and relocated things to their correct drawers, or identified things that need to "go away." One of which was the dryer vent brush because, ventless dryer! I've also gathered all the manuals for the various tools and placed them all in one drawer.

The workbench itself is still clobbered, but that's next on the agenda. I have three Husky cabinets above the workbench, and I think I know how to rearrange things to make better use of the volume in the cabinets and the square inches on the workbench. I may get to that later this afternoon, but I'm bored with it at the moment.

I've got to rig up another MC4 cable for the other Nebo panel, so I can put them in series or parallel. I didn't mention last time that I'm using my Dymo label-maker to label each of the connectors so I know what is supposed to connect to what. And presumably so will anyone else if I'm unavailable.

I think I'm going also use the label-maker to label each of the drawers.

During yesterday's Tinderbox meetup, I was going to demo using PopClip to facilitate making web links in a note. To my embarrassment, I learned that I haven't completely configured the 14" M3 MBP to be identical to the iMac, at least insofar as PopClip wasn't installed. And I need to figure out why the Desktops aren't identical, since I'm using iCloud on both.

I can work on the MBP in the recliner, so maybe that's the next chore.

After my nap, naturally.

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