One of the taglines I used on my old blog Groundhog Day was "It's about seeing your shadow."

Much of the blog was about my journey from darkness into light, about seeing my shadow; the parts of me that weren't serving anyone, least of all myself.

Of course, it's a bit orthogonal to the whole notion of "six more weeks of winter," since that's supposed to be the undesired outcome. But it worked for the movie, and it worked for me as well. Keep repeating the same lessons until you learn them.

Anyway, the prevailing culture, white Christian patriarchy, isn't interested in seeing its shadow, or the people it casts into darkness.

By banning books, they try to keep out the light.

Jax Today tries to let the light in by elevating other voices. Nikesha Williams is one of them, and here she shines a light on the darkness growing in Duval County Florida, aka Jacksonville.

Originally posted at Notes From the Underground 08:46 Thursday, 5 January 2023