I have two blogs I maintain. One, Notes From the Underground, is specifically intended for political content and is decidedly negative and critical in tone.

The marmot and NFTU offer separate RSS feeds. Both feeds are ingested and subsequently posted at my micro.blog, where they also will post to my Mastodon and Twitter accounts.

If critical commentary on, or links about the accelerating growth of fascism in Florida is troubling to you, then I suggest you only subscribe to the marmot. I will only bitch about routine things like the weather or the new and exciting ways an aging body makes life interesting here. Probably bitch about movies and TV shows too.

But the marmot should be relatively free of anger and cynicism. Relatively.

Since NFTU posts to my Twitter and Mastodon accounts, you should probably not follow them. While they're not exclusively for bitching about politics, they are part of the content.

Writing a post bitching about people's bitching posts is just another instance of the fifth fundamental force of the universe: Irony.

Carry on.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:37 Tuesday, 31 January 2023