Waxing gibbous moon from this evening, 2 Feb 23

I did remember to try again, bumping up the ISO. This one is at 400, and the shutter speed is 1/640s, probably because I also dialed in -1ev exposure compensation. It looks so bright in the viewfinder, even spot-metered. I could have kept it at about -.33ev and been fine.

Exported a TIFF from the RAW (.ORF) in OM Workspace because when I crop a jpeg so closely and then sharpen, I'm picking up some of the jpeg artifacts. Edited it in Photos only. I brightened the TIFF, added a little contrast and definition and some sharpening. Dialed back the highlights to keep the crater rims from looking so bright, but that's pretty close to how they looked in the original. Exported that as 1,000 pixel jpeg and voila.

Larger version at Flickr.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 19:39 Thursday, 2 February 2023