The National Weather Service thinks it's 49°F, but it's 44° here. Sun's up, so it should warm up quickly. The heat actually came on this morning.

Mitzi gets home today after a little more than two weeks away helping to look after her granddaughter. It'll be nice to have her back again.

My office is perhaps just a little less of a catastrophe. I opened the other file drawer the other day and had to deal with its contents. I have a couple of those expandable folio organizers on the way. The file drawers didn't actually contain files. Just piles of paper mostly. Some in folders, some in binders, some in plastic bags. That should all be sorted soon.

KEH.COM wrote to say they have my stuff and they'll let me know what they think it's worth soon.

I got rid of another camera on Sunday. My son collects miniatures and mentioned he'd like something better than an iPhone to photograph them in close-up. I said I'd wished he'd mentioned something sooner, or I'd have given him the E-M5 Mk.2. I suppose I could have asked as well. Anyway, I still had 5 OM-D bodies, which is probably too many. So I bundled up the E-M10 Mk 4, the 12-50mm electronic zoom, with a dedicated "macro" feature (close-focusing setting), a couple of primes and an old Joby GorillaPod, the DSLR one, along with a bag. Gave him a circular polarizing filter that only fits the 12-50, in case he gets any glare from the miniatures.

So the shelves are a little less crowded.

I had a shoebox that functioned as something like a junk drawer on the top of the bookcase. I got rid of most of its contents, and now it contains all the myriad USB cables that tend to accumulate, sorted into ziplock bags. It also contains an assortment of wall-warts that go to various radios that normally operate on batteries. Ideally, I'd like to get rid of that too. But that's going to wait for another round of purging.

Since I don't have the E-M10 anymore, I put the 75-300mm zoom on the E-M1 Mk3 and took that for a walk yesterday. It's heavier than the E-M10 by a lot, it also has a Really Right Stuff bottom plate mounted, which I suppose I could remove, but I like the way the camera feels with it on.

I've found that if I put the camera behind my back, resting on the top of my hips, I can do the full 2.5 miles without developing a knot between my shoulder blades. (I use a sling, not a neck strap.) It's little bit more of a reach to bring the camera to hand, but I was never very quick on the draw anyway.

If I was going to be out hiking for a couple of hours or more, I'd use the Cotton Carrier G3; but for 45 minutes to an hour, it seems I can handle the Mk3 with a plastic zoom. It'll be nice because the E-M1 has more features than the E-M10, and I can set up some custom modes. There have been occasions when I'd have liked to try to capture a bird in flight; but it would have been a bit fumbly and time-consuming to configure the E-M10 and the bird would be gone. I can assign a custom mode to a button on the E-M1 and be ready with just a press. I haven't taken advantage of custom modes very much in the past. Mostly just configuring the camera depending on what I'm hoping to shoot at the time.

No walk this morning, though. As soon as I post this, I've got to get ready to go to the dentist.

And with that, I'd better sign off.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:21 Tuesday, 7 February 2023