Sometimes I get stuck trying to think of a clever title when I have at least a vague notion of what I'm going to post. For the moment, "untitled" will do.

The mapping project remains valuable, although progress has been very slow, which is to say, "little."

I get distracted as I go looking for information about Tinderbox in the forum. I read lengthy threads like this one, and then I get a case of the yips, or maybe "imposter syndrome."

I'm just not that smart. I mean, I think I'm pretty smart. Or I used to be, maybe not so much anymore. Who am I kidding? Maybe I never was.

On the map is a note shaped like an oval. Oval notes are meant to denote "action" or "practice," something you do (or don't do). The one I'm thinking of says "Don't compare yourself to others."

So, the exercise remains useful anyway.

I think I've also learned that if I'm going to make any progress, I'm going to have to work on this thing first thing in the morning. As the day goes on, I get more self-conscious, over-thinking everything, which just engenders doubt, which is a form of drag.

This morning is a bit of a loss. Perhaps as a way of ignoring the project, I decided to install the iOS 17 beta on my phone.

I'm late for my walk, but the sky has been threatening rain and I was hoping for better light.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 07:21 Saturday, 17 June 2023