A note about shapes.

But first, a caution. You should never look to the marmot for tips about Tinderbox. I know just enough to be dangerous. Maybe not even that much. There are other places for that kind of help.

A correspondent has suggested that a particular construction in the previous post may be somewhat misleading.

"Oval notes are meant to denote "action" or "practice," something you do (or don't do)."

Notes in Map View may have a number of different shapes, a baker's dozen in the pick list. You can use a shape however you wish, it means whatever you wish it to mean; though you may want to record what it means in a note, because you may return to the project and wonder what it was you were trying to convey. I speak from experience.

The default shape is a rectangle. There are any number of ways to have the shape of a note in Map View be determined automatically or programmatically. I'm just assigning them manually as I'm trying to figure this out.

I did a little work this morning, and it definitely is the most productive time to approach it. Not a lot of work, but one thing I did do was to change the name of the file. The original effort, started in 2016, was Memento Mori. After seeing Jerry's Brain in action, I started this project as Dave's Brain.

My correspondent makes a good point about the subjective meaning of words, and the unintended consequences of careless language.

The file is by no means my "brain," nor are the contents exclusively "Dave's." It's a map. A map to perhaps help find a way to "be."

I don't know what the right name is yet, but for now it's called Being a Map.

Recalling, of course, that "the map is not the territory."

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 10:01 Sunday, 18 June 2023