"It takes nerve to be a Democrat, but it takes money to be a Republican."

-Will Rogers

Being a test post of a new AppleScript to create a blog post from the clipboard.

Working from the Photos to Tinderbox AppleScript, I made one to take the contents of the clipboard and create a new note in the marmot.

This isn't much of a breakthrough for me with regard to Tinderbox, but it does save me a couple of steps if I want to create a post from something I read.

Invoking the script from the Scripts menu, it prompts me for a title for the note (post), and then creates the note and pastes the contents of the clipboard into the $Text of the note. Then I have to write whatever it is I think about that.

This went remarkably smoothly. I have some more ideas, but I'm going to just savor this one for a little bit.

Ideally, it'd capture the application and document file link or URL and populate relevant attributes. Maybe tomorrow...

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 12:02 Friday, 14 July 2023