Was on the street by 0505, but didn't get off to a smooth start. For some reason, the interval timer app wasn't sounding the chimes, so my run intervals didn't start until farther into the route. Ran harder though, so finished only a few seconds off the first effort. Took two days off because my quads were really not happy with me. I suspect it'll be Tuesday before I try this again.

Startled a pair of dogs as I began a run interval, and they startled me. I didn't bark though. May have woken a couple of neighbors. At one point a frog chirped right next to me and I started running.

I need to relax.

Mitzi and I tried to go to the movies on Thursday. We were mostly successful, except for the part about actually seeing the movie. Showtime was at 1500, and the screen was still dark. They weren't even playing the usual ads they play as people are getting seated. We were in one of those Cinemark theaters with the reclining seats that rumble and vibrate and cost twice the amount of a regular ticket. But you do get to reserve your seat, which is nice.

There was a gentleman seated next to me, then someone I assume was a grandchild, and then the gentleman's wife. Who apparently loved to talk. And talk. And talk. And not in a soft, intimate voice either. In the confident tones of a person who was absolutely certain that what they had to say would be of interest to anyone around them.

About 1505, an employee addresses us and says they've changed a bulb in the projector, and they're just waiting for it to warm up. Another customer asks if they can skip the previews and go straight to the movie. Employee says yes.

Lady two seats down has been going on at some length about why old actors shouldn't revisit characters in movies. Harrison Ford, Sly Stallone. Apparently her grandchild's generation has "no frame of reference." (Are they "out of their element" too?) And then she started going on about how unsafe large cities are. Apparently four teenagers were shot in NYC the previous weekend. "And fifteen were killed in Chicago!"

"But," she said, "I don't know if they all died."

Which just about gave me a stroke.

Employee comes out about 15:20 and says they're canceling the show, they have "technical problems." We get rain checks.

We're going to try again on Monday. I'm bringing my noise-canceling AirPods and listening to something else before the show starts.

I'll probably wear my wrist beads too, to try to remember to be kind.

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