Huffington Post listicle from a Reddit thing.

Mitzi and I went to see Jackson Browne at the Moran Theater at the former Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts. As one might expect, it was an older crowd. Browne is 74. We did have reserved seating! Browne mentioned that he wanted a summer tour because he wanted to perform indoors, in smaller venues, with air conditioning.

It was a good show. Maybe great. Mitzi wanted to go, I probably wouldn't have paid to see him in concert. He's more of a headphones/earbuds kind of artist to me. He was letting the audience shout requests, which is perhaps unwise in Jacksonville, ("Play Freebird!"); and at one point he told us something to the effect that, "The order of the songs is kind of important. Because there are only a few happy songs, and if you use them up too early, you start losing altitude quickly." Self-aware humor... I like it.

His voice is as sweet and mellow as ever. Small 3-piece band and two backup singers.

Sound was too loud. Got a few warnings from my watch during the show. Tinnitus was screaming when we left. If I'd have been wiser, I might have brought along my AirPods Pro and tried that adaptive transparency trick.

But yeah, I'm definitely feeling my age. He started promptly at 8:00 p.m., which shows respect for the audience. Took a short intermission, and wrapped a little before 11. The only time I remember clearly is 11:04 p.m. because we were just outside the theater headed back to the car and I recalled a Falcon Heavy was scheduled to launch from Canaveral last night, so I looked at my watch. I gather it went up at just about that time! Couldn't see it from downtown Jax, and I didn't bother to try.

Anyway, we got home a little before midnight and I was down for the count. Didn't get up until 0700, and didn't walk this morning. Giving my knees a day off.

Got the paper this morning and was surprised and pleased to see the guest editorial I submitted was published. (Noted below in the previous post.) I hadn't heard back. I wrote it a little over a week ago and hadn't looked at it since. I cringed a bit when I saw the headline in the paper, but it read better than I remembered when I wrote it. I'm biased.

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