We got 3.6" of rain yesterday, which seemed like a lot. The retention ponds were all full. So I checked NOAA's Precipitation Frequency Data Server, clicked on Florida, entered my address and learned that 3.6" of rain in 24 hours can be expected at least once a year. Pretty cool little service. Pretty sure that data is less valuable now, given the frequency of extreme rainfall events we're experiencing, but it's a useful data point for context. Yesterday wasn't an "extreme" sort of event.

A lot of rain though.

Anyway, clicking around on NOAA's page, I found this page over at EPA, "How's My Waterway?" So I entered my address on the little postage-stamp sized box on the right, and I got this cool little GIS-mappy-thing. I told you I live in a swamp. An impaired one at that. You can switch on the Monitoring Locations and Permitted Discharges and look at those features in their respective tabs.

Something you might want to bookmark (not Ponte Vedra, but your location) for future reference.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 11:49 Saturday, 29 July 2023