A few items not mentioned in the Huffington Post listicle.

Elon Musk. Life is too short to waste any time reading or thinking about this guy. Jesus.

Donald Trump. Same as above. Except for that fact that, you know, he might just wind up being president again. Which is the stuff of nightmares.

The website formerly known as Twitter. I mean, who cares? Let it go! The planet's on fire, there are more important things to think about!

Bloggers who continue to obsess over the above. Except for the planet on fire part.

Photography web sites. Stick a fork in 'em, they're done! I guess there's always a new generation coming up that's "discovering" photography, so it's kind of evergreen in that sense. But if you've been reading them for 20 years, you've probably read everything four times. At least.

Film! Oy. We loved digital because you didn't have to pay for developing and prints! Instant gratification! Crop and edit your own stuff! But now film is the new hotness. People with too much money and time on their hands and not enough sense. Hello? Planet's on fire! "But it'll look so much more compelling in Velvia!"

Superhero movies. I thought we'd reached peak superhero years ago. I guess not.

"Social media." You mean "attention aggregation web sites." You aren't the consumer, you're the consumed. Run! Get out! It's coming from inside the house!

The Republican Party. They're basically Nazis now. A fact that totally seems to elude them. Also the stuff of nightmares. But I'm so tired of Republicans. If you're a Republican, I'm sorry. Read some history. Be better.

Operating system "updates." Please, just stop. Make the shit you've already shipped just work. Please! I don't need a new branded version of the OS every year! It's not a fashion statement! Small, incremental improvements, chiefly in things we already kind of understand.

People who absolutely must photograph their concert experience, but don't understand how to work their camera, so the stupid flash keeps going off next to me. Morons!

The fucking Confederacy. I live in Florida, so it's never far from anything. It was a bunch of rebellious racist losers who wanted to own human beings. There is absolutely nothing to be proud of in that legacy. Get over yourselves.

Lawns. Truthfully, this is less of an annoyance than it might otherwise be. I bought a condo so I'd never have to do yard work. After spending over $70K to remodel my condo, Mitzi wanted to live in a house on the ground floor. She has an ankle issue, so I understand. But I told her I'd never do yard work. We had a few lawn services since we moved here. They all suck! Every single one of them. Figure it out, low pay and "time is money" speed. You catch every fungus and insect from every other lawn they service. They cut the grass too low, and do it whether it needs it or not because they're contracted for x-number of visits per year.

Mitzi does the lawn herself now, and the damn thing looks like a carpet. It's still a colossal waste in nearly every dimension, unconscionable in the present circumstances. But she does a really good job. With all-electric lawn tools.

But I hope there's a special place in hell reserved for the guy who thought leaf-blowers were a good idea.

There are probably many more, but this itch seems scratched for the moment.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 09:02 Sunday, 30 July 2023