Photo from a DJI Mini-2 drone of open water in a swamp behind a suburban development.

Coincidentally, I put the drone up yesterday afternoon because it was such a nice day and we'd had so much rain. Wanted to take a look around. I put a couple more shots up on Flickr. (That's just a link to my photostream. Those images will eventually scroll into the past and off the page. But should be easy to find for now.) I flew the mini into the clearing over the water and got some shots looking back at the house. You can kind of see what the kid was facing, except, you know, in the dark.

So I'm guessing we're talking maybe 20 yards past the retention wall? Through a bunch of palmettos. I can see the drone when I fly it in there, until I get really low. Water doesn't seem very deep, plants are growing out of it. It's wet 365 days a year.

Anyway, hope the kid's okay and didn't get bitten by anything. There's another area of open water between the trail and area in this pic, and it's solid green with algae. Which can be problematic.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 06:40 Sunday, 30 July 2023