We learned a bit more about the young man lost in the woods behind the house.

Turns out, he overturned his nice SUV on the road leading to the kayak launch point, which runs adjacent to the end of our street.

Some friends of friends were stuck on that road for a couple of hours while they worked to clear the wreck and get the kid out of the woods. They sent some pics to our friends, who sent them to us. They weren't very good, but you could tell it was a fairly recent SUV, maybe brand new. Have I mentioned that St Johns County is the third wealthiest county in Florida? So I guess his parents probably bought him a car, he wrecked it, and that precipitated a crisis. I'm inclined to think alcohol was involved and the legal drinking age is 21. So a wrecked car and a DUI before you're 21. Almost a rite of passage.

That little kayak launch point is a favorite for teenagers and young people. The county had put up an automatic swing-arm barrier that raised and lowered on a timer. People just smashed it. Did it enough that the county just gave up. So there are kids down there at night, blowing up fireworks, drinking, being kids. Deputies are there periodically, but not often enough to matter.

We complain that the road is in such terrible shape. I mean, it's really bad. But it's probably the only thing that keeps the speed down at all, and it doesn't do a very good job of that. Some of these kids love their big, loud pickup trucks and you hear them hauling ass up and down that road, confident in their beefy suspensions. I guess they're pretty confident in SUVs too.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't wade out into the swamp looking for that kid.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:49 Friday, 4 August 2023