Second night in a row I'm awake a little before 0200 and can't really fall back to sleep. I wasn't troubled by bad dreams tonight. What I recall of them involved cameras. Wednesday night was related to the events depicted in Oppenheimer, and they were unpleasant.

I hate not sleeping, because it makes me unproductive for most of the rest of the day. I was fairly productive yesterday morning, riding the bike and taking some pictures at the pond and posting them. But the rest of the day I just felt like my ass was dragging. I'd planned to work on the blog test platform, but couldn't summon the cognitive effort. I think today will turn out likewise.

We watched Sneakers last night, because it was a relatively lightweight, humorous adventure that was unlikely to disturb my dreams. We've been watching a lot of stuff dealing with serial killers. Deadloch, Luther, Lancaster, er, I mean, Halifax. Kinda creepy! We watched an episode of Archer as a kind of palate cleanser the other night when Hijack concluded. Wasn't about a serial killer, but pretty dark and violent in any case.

Looking foward to the return of Slow Horses on Apple TV+ in September. Can be kind of dark and violent, but mostly I just enjoy watching Gary Oldman!

I hope the actors and writers prevail in their strike. In any event, I'm not looking forward to the day when story-telling is done by simulants and replicants. The Chicken McNuggets of entertainment.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:20 Friday, 4 August 2023