In contrast to the scribblings of the mediocre mind of Jacksonville property lawyer and aspiring political pundit Andrew Moss, Jacksonville Today also publishes the thoughtful analysis of experienced political reporter A.G. Gancarski. While I sometimes disagree with the focus of his reporting, I find his commentary pieces thoughtful and worthwhile reading.

A good example is in today's edition of Jacksonville Today. My wife is a Jew and she received information regarding the rally from Jewish organizations she's affiliated with in the region. She noticed it was headlined by local Republican politicians, and gave every appearance of being a Republican partisan political event more than a expression of support for Israel. We did not attend.

It was also not lost on us that these are the same Republican politicians who were slow to react during local expressions of anti-semitism in the region. In fact, the Republican-led Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputies specifically apologized to Nazis when confronting them. We only know this because the responding deputy felt it was important to include his apology in his report.

The views A.G. expresses in this piece are well founded, and an accurate reflection of the cynical, partisan, morally bankrupt state of Republican politics and governance in the region.

Originally posted at Notes From the Underground 06:29 Tuesday, 7 November 2023