The Olympus Stylus 1s with the "stuck lens" arrived today. The listing showed two third-party batteries with the camera. I was hoping it would simply be a matter of using an OEM battery delivering enough power to get the lens to retract.

Put a new(ish) OEM battery in and turned it on. Heard a brief noise, and the screen lit but didn't show any information.

So I turned it off, rattled it to see if I could hear anything and it all sounded good.

So I turned it over and gave the bottom a good stiff rap with the knuckles of my right hand.

Turn it on and there was a bit of a stutter step as the lens retracted and then extended, and the LCD showed the image.

Installed an SD card, ran through the setup menu, and it works.

Did the magic incantation for the shutter count and found that there have only been 925 shutter actuations on this little gem.

$78, free shipping. $83 with sales tax.

That's a solid bargain. Quite pleased.

(Part the first...)

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 14:42 Saturday, 18 November 2023