Well, the yogurt experiment didn't go as well as I'd hoped. The "proof" setting isn't very warm at all. I was worried it'd be too warm. The infrared thermometer showed about 86°F, which isn't as conducive for the little critters to do their thing.

I left it in for 10 hours though. It is yogurt, but it's not what I was hoping for. Not as tangy and thinner than I expected.

Just ate some with berries and granola. If I'm not doubled over in pain in an hour or so, I'll consider it a partial success.

What I may do next is perhaps warm up a pizza stone in the warming drawer of the oven first. Another fancy feature we've never used. It supposedly gets up to 145°F. Transfer that to the rack below the next batch I try to make. I'll find a thermometer and do a dry run first. It'll have a decent thermal mass. I think we have a cast iron skillet around here, I might be able to do the same thing with it.

One of the videos suggested just putting a pot of 120°F water in the oven with the yogurt. Perhaps some combination of the two or three with the oven in proof mode. I did hear the oven come on from time to time.

They make yogurt makers, and you can use an instant pot, or a sous-vide circulator, but the idea is to not buy another gadget, which we wouldn't have anyplace to store anyway.

Originally posted at Nice Marmot 05:05 Friday, 3 November 2023